• How should I dress for my appointment?

Please come to your therapy session dressed in non-binding clothing and comfortable shoes.


• Do I need a referral to receive therapy services?

In order to have an insurance company cover your Physical Therapy treatments, most will require a Physician’s referral. To be sure, we recommend contacting your insurance company, directly.


• What does a treatment session entail?

The initial Physical Therapy visit typically takes about one hour and involves a comprehensive evaluation. Treatment may include Manual Therapy, muscle re-training, exercise programs, balance training, gait training, adjustments of canes or walkers, and modalities. Exercise programs vary depending on the needs and abilities of the patient. Programs may include range-of-motion, strengthening, muscle re-education, and aquatic or sport-specific exercises. We also educate our patients on proper posture, body mechanics, and ergonomics (work-station adjustments).


• What Insurance Providers cover Physical Therapy services?

Most companies do offer a benefit for therapy. The benefit allowance may vary according to the type of policy plan. Contact your insurance provider for complete details. We accept MOST insurance companies and are currently contracted with Blue Cross, Medicare, Moda, Pacific Source, Providence, Providence Preferred, Cigna and TriCare. We are proud to provide services to our veterans through the Veteran's Choice Program.


• What is Direct Access?

Physical Therapists who are licensed in Oregon can legally treat patients without a Physician’s referral. This is called Direct Access. Integrative Physical Therapy offers Direct Access Physical Therapy treatment. This can reduce the time it takes you to be seen by a Physical Therapist so you can feel better, sooner. We can keep your primary care Physician up-to-date on your treatment, even if he/she did not refer you to therapy. Some insurance providers, such as Blue Cross, will pay for Direct Access Physical Therapy treatments. Our billing department will be happy to see if your Insurance Carrier covers Direct Access. We can keep your primary care Physician up-to-date on your treatment, even if they did not refer you to therapy.


What does Physical Therapy cost?

Integrative Physical Therapy seeks to provide quality care to all patients. Treatments can still be obtained without insurance. Please contact us with any of your billing questions including payment options.